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My Biggest Weakness

By Kendal Van Dyke, 2009/12/31

I took some time off in December and I'm finally getting around to catching up on RSS feeds. Turns out I’ve been tagged by Ken Simmons to contribute to another chain post to answer the classic interview question "What is your biggest weakness?" I've been told in the past that the best way to answer this question is with something clever – like a strength that you call a weakness but you really spin into some form of self promotion to make yourself look better. But…I don't think you really want me wax poetic about how great I am (I don't want to either!) and this isn't a job interview, so I'm going to be honest because the only way we really learn how to be better is to recognize our faults and learn from them.

My biggest weakness: Letting go. Let me explain…

I've learned to deal with this particular weakness partly by learning from those who have "been there and done that" before me, and partly through experience (a.k.a. the school of hard knocks). It's not always easy letting go of things, but looking back at where I've been and where I am now I realize that it's something I've got a much better handle on now.

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