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PASS Summit 2009 Day 1 Keynote Live Blog

(Note: Updates are listed newest first)

10:15 AM – And we're done! The rooms empty out to grab spots at the first set of sessions for the day. See you tomorrow for the next keynote!

10:15 AM – Now the official announcements:

  • SQL 2008 R2 November CTP available, RTM targeted for 1st half next year
  • Azure feature complete CTP is live, try it out today
  • Two new editions of SQL 2008 R2:
    • SQL 2008 R2 Datacenter
    • SQL 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse (formerly know as project "Madison")

10:08 AM – Now previewing a new Data Sync tool available later this month to synchronize on-premises databases with SQL Azure. Pick which tables, columns, and rows you want to synchronize. I can see this coming in very useful

10:06 AM – SQL Azure is now feature complete and showing off features. Using SSMS to connect to a SQL Azure DB. You can manage it just the same as on-premises instances.

10:05 AM – Wait, more demos after all…now a SQL Azure demo.

10:03 AM – Demos are done, now talking SQL Azure. Unfortunately the keynotes are running long and people are making their way for the exists to head to the first set of sessions for the day.

10:00 AM – Now showing off features of new report builder 3.0. Unfortunately this demo's as lost on me as the Visual Studio 2010\.NET 4 Entity Framework features.

9:55 AM – Next demo: Loaded 60 million rows to a server farm with 320 cores using powershell at a rate of 3 Terabytes per hour.

9:52 AM – More demos, this time of Master Data Management. Showing a data validation demo.

9:47 AM - Showing off examples of StreamInsight  - a Complex Event Processing Technology. It'll be included in SQL 2008 R2. Imagine watching MNF online and being able to pick your own camera angle. Neat stuff!

9:40 AM – This is interesting stuff, I think. Honestly though, it's a bit lost on me since I'm a production DBA.

9:33 AM – Now a demo of what's available in .NET 4 and the Entity Framework.

9:30 AM – Demoing the new Data Tier Application project type on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. To deploy there's a new "upgrade" option in SSMS – no more alter scripts, or needing to understand the order of operations needed to apply the new code (including schema changes). Hmm, I wonder if it understands changes against replicated databases. In the demo they added a new column in between existing columns. You can't do that on a replicated table today.

9:25 AM – Now showing off the dashboard for multi-server management. It looks polished, and the integration of monitoring along with PBM is really going to put some pressure on 3rd party tools.

9:23 AM – Multi server management – a simple 5 step process to set up. Uses Policy Based Management under the covers.

9:15 AM – Dan Jones coming on stage to give a demo of Application & Multi-Server Management.

9:11 AM – Listening to user testimonial about how First American Title is using SQL 2008 to run their business. It's a rundown of SQL 2008 features – better performance, compressed backups, transparent migration.

9:08 AM – Scale up & scale out SQL 2008 R2:

  • Scale up to 256 logical processors
  • Scale out with massively parallel processing 10s to 100s of TV with low TCO

9:05 AM – Talking releases for the next year. Everything based on building on a solid foundation.

9:00 AM – Ted talking the Top 5 reasons to be at PASS:

  1. You are part of the world's largest gathering of SQL Server Professionals
  2. You can take your questions directly to the "source"
  3. We've got Wayne & Rushabh
  4. You can work hard & Play hard (talking about renting out Gameworks Wednesday night for the SQL Server Appreciation even)
  5. You will build skills and knowledge on the #1 database in the world.

8:55 AM – SQL 2008 R2 will be released in first half of 2010. SQL Azure begins billing after Jan 1, 2010.

8:50 AM – Next up, Ted Kummert – Senior Vice President, Business Platform Division.

8:45 AM – Now talking cloud based computing. Between private clouds and public clouds, clouds are all the buzz, and they're going to affect all of us IT Workers. Death of the DBA? Perhaps not, as Bob says the skill sets we have as DBAs today will be able to be leveraged in the cloud.

8:39 AM – Demo time: Live migration with Virtual Machine Manager. Showing off moving Hyper-V VMs' between hosts. It's as simple as a right click and selecting a Migrate menu option. The best available host is automatically selected and the virtual machine is moved with zero loss in connectivity. Nifty!

8:38 AM – A "journey" is occurring from the traditional datacenter to a virtualized datacenter.

8:29 AM – SQL 2008 R2: New OLTP world-record performance TPC-E benchmark of 2,012 tpsE; Record DW performance on Windows TPC-H 3TB: 102,778 QphH. 20,0000 users w\ sub-second response time for Dynamics CRM xRM business applications. If you understand benchmark numbers that's some serious performance!

8:25 AM – Showing off a rack full of servers running SQL 2008 R2 with 192 CPUs!


8:19 AM – Bob talking about his first week on the job, running into Bill Gates, and Ashton Tate SQL Server – includes floppy disks in the box!

8:18 AM – Bob Muglia (President, Server and Tools Business) taking the stage for the keynote.

8:16 AM – Wayne talks twitter and the live twitter stream on the #sqlpass hashtag.

8:15 AM – Wayne encouraging everyone to get the most they can out of the conference – go to sessions, meet people, get involved!

8:05 AM – Wayne talking about the growth of PASS: SIGs have been renamed to Virtual Chapters. 50 energy events in 12 countries last year; PASS to promote and fund as many local events as possible in 2010. 24 hours of PASS - 3,500 people from 64 countries attended. SQLServerStandard re-launching as free premium content on sqlpass.org; First article of 2009 posted this week and all back issues available online.


8:00 AM – PASS President Wayne Snyder on stage for opening comments. Almost 3,000 registered attendees and 98 MVPs. Wayne wonders "where the heck have you all been?" (referring to attendance vs. past summits)

7:50 AM - I'm at the 2009 PASS Summit getting ready for the keynotes to begin. People are pouring in getting ready for the day to begin.




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