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Katie and Emil

We are Katie & Emil and together we have decided to learn more & more on how to build data warehouses using Microsoft products. The best option to learn is to teach so we write tutorials and share it with others.

Microsoft GeoFlow new Excel 2013 add-in


Microsoft released new add-in (Preview) for Excel 2013 and we decided to do a video so here it is GeoFlow Demo. You can read more about it and related add-in in our Newsletter we sent today to all subscribers.

Take Care
Katie and Emil

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 15 April 2013

70-461 Test SQL Ranking Functions

I created a post-webinar SQL Ranking Functions interactive test which relates to 70-461 Exam and thought I will share it. It is advanced level and hence rather challenging for many people. So far we had 11 attempts where best score is 60% (as of today) and average score is 23%.

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 25 February 2013

Vote of our next SSIS Webinar

Our sessions were not chosen for neither SQLSaturday nor SQLBits but if you were interested; nothing is lost as now you can vote which SSIS Webinar we should do next. We have 5 sessions and session with the highest number of votes will take place in second half of March…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 18 February 2013

SSIS Webinar Satisfaction Score

Our first free SSIS Webinar is over and the overall satisfaction score we got was 9.2 out of 10 so as you can imagine we are very pleased with the result.

During the Webinar we asked 5 reasonable SSIS (pitfalls) questions and the overall score was just 15%... so everyone…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 11 February 2013

SSIS Webinar in 3 days... 6 seats left

Our first SSIS 1h Free webinar will take place in 3 days (Thursday) and has only 6 seats left (out of 25)

This webinar covers America and Europe (evening) time and the same webinar will take place on Saturday 23rd of February (Asia, Australia and Europe Time).

Who is it…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 4 February 2013

I hate Windows 8 and Microsoft Top 3 Mistakes

What do you think about Microsoft new Operating System? I hate Windows 8! This is the answer that many people will give. Which is not really surprising as Microsoft made a few basic mistakes in advertising Windows 8 (In my opinion).

I will list mistakes Microsoft made... (I'm not criticizing…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 4 February 2013

SSIS 6 Million Rows in 30 Seconds using standard laptop

First of all I would like to thank Koen Verbeeck and Joost van Rossum for great suggestions that helped to get 30s on my laptop MSDN Forum Thread

Recently I posted SSIS 6 million rows in 60 seconds using standard laptop. Today I'm still using laptop and one physical disk…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 30 January 2013

SSIS 6 Million Rows in 60 Seconds using standard laptop

SSIS is a very powerful tool and can be very fast however I frequently come across situations where performance could be improved by making several simple changes or minor hardware upgrades.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration and it would be nice to do a…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 28 January 2013

SQL Server Non Clustered Index Tutorial for Beginners

In the past I have come across comments like SQL Server is slow (small tables) or interviews where someone had a great idea to scale up (better hardware) without realizing it is not going to help much.... and there was one common element... None of these people knew (or fully…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 25 January 2013

SSIS Top 10 Best Practices Basics

Best Practice is a difficult one... It generally depends on many factors. In my opinion SSIS Best practice is a little bit easier as it is more conrete. There are already a few articles about best practice for SSIS however there are generally quite in depth so we found it…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 16 January 2013

100 Video and Why BI Projects fail

We thought that our 100 YouTube video on our Katie and Emil YouTube Channel should be a special one... so we decided to share our experience and opinion about a very popular but not easy to answer question:

"Why BI Projects fail and what to do about it?"

What is…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 14 January 2013

1h SSIS Webinar

1h Free SSIS Webinar - 7th of Feb 2013

We recently submitted a session for SQL Bits and SQL Saturday (UK) and thought we might do some preparations by doing a free 1h webinar.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 7th of Feb 2013 UTC(0)/GMT 8pm (between 12:00pm and…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 14 January 2013

SSIS Precedence Constraint Tutorial

Recently we decided to create a series of videos for our SSIS Precedence Constraint Tutorial which is part of our SSIS Tutorial.

In this article I will share our work and provide easy access to view them.

NOTE: The videos have been created using SSIS 2012 but should work with…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 18 December 2012

Katie and Emil come back

We are back on SQL Server Central... This is our first post after a while; also a test to see if our new way of sharing updates will work... mainly we have Videos in mind from our Katie and Emil YouTube Channel

First video we would like to share is…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 2 December 2012

Video Enable PowerPivot Add-in

This is one of our first PowerPivot video tutorials and this short 1 minute tutorial we show how to enable PowerPivot Add-in in Excel 2013. View blog post: http://www.katieandemil.com/457

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 30 July 2012

transparent data encryption steps

In this blog post I show steps that are needed to enable Transparent Data Encyption on a SQL Server 2012 database. I prepared the article to support my learning to 70-462 Administering SQL Server 2012. View Article: http://www.katieandemil.com/456

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 28 July 2012

reconfigure vs reconfigure with override

You can change server properties of SQL Server using sp_confgure and to "save" it you need to use reconfigure. In this blog post I describe the difference between reconfigure and reconfigure with override. I also provide an example when reconfigure will fail and give you an error message and another…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 28 July 2012

SSIS aggregate transformation

In this SSIS 2012 tutorial we will show you how to use data flow Aggregate Transformation and we will use our example of Customer and Total Sales Amount which is an interesting example as often to get more insight into customer behaviour it is useful to slice and dice the…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 25 July 2012

Introducing PowerView with Excel 2013

In this blog post we show video that introduces PowerView with Excel 2013. You provide an overview of the tool and current limitations so you can make the right choice. PowerView is one of the best self-service BI tools that I have seen so far and will fill in gap…

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 25 July 2012


You can enforce referential integrity (ensure you don't get orphans) by adding Foreign Key Constraint and in this tutorial you can find a simple example explaining how to do that. This article has been created to support our SQL Tutorial and 70-461 Querying SQL Server 2012.

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Posted in Katie and Emil on 24 July 2012

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