Printed 2017/07/23 03:36AM

PASS Pre/Post Con Selections


One of my favorite people in the SQL community, Andy Leonard, posted a blog criticizing the selection process for the pre and post cons at PASS. . Andy says, hey why don't they just make it by invitation only since that what they will do anyway?

I disagree. As someone who was on the inside of the PASS Summit speaker selection process until this year, I believe that PASS is making an effort to open this opportunity up to anyone who is qualified and interested. The criteria that PASS lists for someone to be considered is not that difficult to meet for anyone who is at the MVP level and who teaches. It makes sense to me that anyone who has not had experience teaching whole day classes should not be considered. Giving a 75 minute presentation is one thing. Teaching or speaking all day is completely different.

Obviously, there are only so many slots available, and not everyone who submits an abstract will be chosen.  Of course the community expects to see certain big names at PASS and at the pre/post cons. They draw people to the event, and getting people to the event is the only reason to have the event. I do think that if Andy doesn't make it this year, he should try again next year. It might not hurt to find out what they might be looking for. Is it an "end-to-end" or a "deep dive" into one topic?

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