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Beginning T-SQL 2008


My book "Beginning T-SQL 2008" came out about two weeks ago. It's a beginning book because I assume that the readers know nothing about T-SQL. I wanted to make sure that beginners get off to the right start, so I talk a lot about performance and cover some of the newer features such as common table expressions.  Working on the book took up almost all my free time for 8 months this year. It was a fantastic experience, and I hope to write more books. I just must figure out how to spend less time at my job!  I would appreciate it if you would consider or recommend my book for anyone looking for a beginning T-SQL book.

For those of you lucky enough to be heading to PASS next week, be sure to say hello if you see me. I will host a table at the "Birds of a Feather" lunch Tuesday, and I'm a panelist at the Women in Technology luncheon. I'll also be signing copies of my book on Thursday at lunch. That's a lot to do at lunch!

One more thing. The "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives" book is also available for pre-orders and will be available at PASS. . All the royalties go to the charity War Child International





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