Printed 2017/08/21 03:58PM

Chain Blog from Tom LaRock


I have been tagged by Tom LaRock to write about “what was your first computer and what were some of your favorite games”. 

The first computer I owned was a Texas Instruments 994A purchased in 1981. It was actually my husband's idea, but I ended up being the one who used it the most and learned the most from it. I remember writing two programs for it myself in TI Extended BASIC that I was pretty proud of -- a game that simulated playing Yatzee and an amortization schedule for our mortgage. It was some nasty spaghetti code with lots of GOTO commands, but I dreamed that one day I would be able to earn a living working with computers. We didn't buy our first PC until 1992.

We purchased some adventure games that were fun, but I don't remember the names. There were no graphics to the games. You just typed in things like "Look left" and the screen would display something like "You see a rock and a key."

So, I guess I need to tag someone else. How about Brian Knight, Andy Warren and Steve Jones. 


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