Printed 2017/07/25 11:44AM

PASS, anyone?


In less than two days I'll be in Seattle for my 6th PASS Summit. I am trying to put all the important events in Outlook, but I am finding that there is a lot of overlap. Now that I am an MVP, there is even more to consider. I will be speaking on how to get started writing technical articles on Friday, so be sure to check out my session if you are interested in that topic. Somehow, I have managed to get overly involved with PASS lately and find that I have several other responsiblities this week as well. 

This year we are offering both online and paper speaker evals -- so you don't have an excuse to not fill out your evals!  We are also looking for  volunteers to spend an hour or so keying in the paper evals. Please send an email to if you are interested in helping out.

One other important note. It is once again time to vote for the Board of DIrectors. I have heard that there are three slots open and that six candidates will be running. It is going to be a tough choice, and I am already trying to figure out if I can vote twice so that I can vote for all six. All kidding aside, I am endorsing Lynda Rab, Tom "SQLBatman" LaRock and Andy Warren.


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