Printed 2017/06/23 08:04AM

SSWUG Virtual Conference II


Today is day one of the SSWUG SQL Server Virtual Conference II. This has been really fun so far. Our sessions were pre-recorded last month and each one is played three times.  The speakers are usually available during the sessions to answer questions by chatting.  After the conference the sessions are available for on demand viewing for two weeks. They even have prizes!

At first I wondered how creepy it would be to see and hear my session playing while I answered questions. Maybe because of the videos I have done, it actually is not so bad. 

This has been a really fun experience and I can't wait to view some of the other sessions. They are having several other conferences coming up, including the SQL Server III conference and a BI conference.  It is a good inexpensive way to get gain some knowledge without leaving your desk! 



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