Printed 2017/08/17 05:55PM

End to End T-SQL!


After a couple of months of discussion, End to End Training has scheduled me to teach a two day beginning T-SQL course for them.  One of the best aspects of End to End Training is that the courseware is written by the trainers. It’s a lot more work to come up with the materials than to use Microsoft’s or some other packaged course, but the course ends up being a better value because it is based on the trainer’s real world experience. My goals for this course are to get the students to be proficient in the basics and to give them the tools needed to solve more complex problems.  It will be very hands-on and lots of fun for the students.  The price is right, too, only $299.  So, if you are new to T-SQL or your company has developers who need to learn T-SQL, be sure to check it out: .

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