Printed 2017/07/27 09:48AM

Thoughts about the future


So far my posts have been non-technical musings about my life outside of work. I guess it is time to get serious about this if I want anyone to read it. I am just learning about the power of the blog, especially last week at PASS. Every session has a list of resources and many included blogs by the gurus. I saw blog addresses being exchanged quicker than business cards. 

I see myself as a nuturing but very fun aunt. I do have kids, but since my youngest is 21 years old and in college, I enjoy spending time with my many nieces and nephews. A weekend with Aunt Kathi means getting spoiled with lots of fun activities like bike riding, geocaching, baking brownies, Karaoke Revolution and hot tubbing.

So, I think I will start giving tips for newbies, the basics. I can see topics ranging from T-SQL to security to SQL 2005 features. Hopefully, I'll learn some new things along the way and become a regular resource for someone else.

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