Printed 2017/08/18 11:38PM

In praise of three day weekends!


I guess it might be because I have been so busy for the last two months with the book, but this has been a fantastic and relaxing weekend. I was able to visit my parents and spend time with my grown daughter. I also managed to complete a few things on my to do list, like complete an article I had promised Steve for SQL Server Standard. I even walked to town twice with my dog on the bike trail near my house and spent some time in the hot-tub. What a life!

The bad thing about taking a regular day off is that I have to work twice as hard to catch up when I get back. After a PTO, as we call them at Bryan Cave, there are so many emails, requests and maybe a fire or two smouldering that I often question the wisdom of taking the time off. With a holiday, such as this one, I can keep an eye on my servers through Citrix, but tomorrow will be just like a normal day. This weekend I really had a chance to recharge that I don't often get.

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