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Importing binary files with SSIS

I have gotten a number of emails over the past few days asking about how I import binary files into SSIS as well as how to improve throughput by making tasks parallel.  I have, scattered throughout this blog, articles which show bits and pieces.  I have articles on how to use the import file task, articles on how to use the Enhanced Threading Framework I put together, articles on using SHA-1 to find duplicates, etc.  This is all well and good for the person who is looking for a specific piece of the puzzle, but what about the person who wants the whole puzzle?  I put together a sample SSIS package that has all of the components (including sql scripts to build the database pieces):

  • Script task to create a list of files to import (.pdf, but can easily be modified)
  • Data Flow Task to import that list into a table
  • Structures to show the Enhanced Threading Framework (2 engines in the example)
  • Within each ETF Engine:
    • Call to the procedure that extracts a single file to be imported
    • Script Component that sources the file to be imported
    • Import File Component
    • Script Component that calculates the SHA-1 hash
    • Lookup to only push files that do not exist (based upon hash)
    • Data destination to push the file and hash into the table

    The source can be downloaded here.


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