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Evernote and the posting of scripts.

By Josef Richberg, 2010/05/23

I heard of EverNote sporadically in the Twitter community and from my boss.  I had checked it out and it seemed like another place to store notes/tips/ideas.  I thought to myself 'What could I possibly use this for?"  I've read some articles where a restaurant chef uses this to store all of his recipes.  Another passion of mine (aside from being a dba) is baking.  I have dozens (maybe hundreds) of recipes that I have strewn about.  Some are in old hand written cards from my great-grandmother, others are earmarked in some of my favorite books, with still others are pulled from magazines,laminated, and put in boxes.  I thought to myself "I don't have a computer in the kitchen, I prefer a piece of paper or recipe card."  Then it hit me.  I have a few c# scripts that I use in many of my SSIS packages.  A script to calculate the SHA-1 fingerprint of incoming binary files, a script that converts ISBN10/13, and so on.  What if I posted the scripts I want to share in a public EverNote notebook!  That's exactly what I did!  I created a c# public notebook where I will be putting various scripts I create.  I might put other things up there like presentations, not sure.  I did find out that Twitter and EverNote can be linked so now I can push tweets directly to my EverNote account.  I haven't found a way to announce when I make entries in my notebook, so check back every so often and if you are looking for a script and don't see it, ask me and I post it if I have it, or if it's something I myself my need, I'll build it and post it.  I have also put a link to my EverNote notebook in the Links section of my blog.

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