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I've been published on Simple-Talk.

 I am excited to say I have been published on Simple-Talk.  This was my first foray into being professionally edited.  I will say the experience was not what I imagined.  I guess everyone has different ideas of what it is like to have an editors review your work.  I will say that my writing follows the 'train-of-thought' method (I think it's just how I'm wired), so my grammar did not go unnoticed.  One of the most interesting things I learned out of this process is to take into consideration foreign readers.  Many of the grammar comments explained that to a reader where English is a second language the wording might be confusing.  The technical review also shed some light on what I wrote vs. what I was trying to accomplish.  That second set of eyes helped me realize I took quite of bit of knowledge for granted, so I had to revise many of my descriptions and explanations.  Would I write again?  Most definitely!  The hard part for me is finding the idea for the article.  After that I just let the idea pour onto the paper and start the editorial process all over again.


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Posted by Jason Brimhall on 9 February 2010

Congrats.  I think it also helps to have peers review your work first before submitting for formal review.  Another thing that helps is to blog - and blog on a range of topics.

Posted by Glenn Berry on 9 February 2010

Congratulations! Just keep at it, and it does get easier.

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