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Validating in-line DataFlow records with a Stored Procedure

I have text file that contains data for a given fiscal period.  In this particular file there are around 2 million records.  The file needs to be split into two distinct output paths from the same source, which means this should all happen within a given DataFlow component.  One of… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 5 November 2013

PASS Summit 2013 - Examples Package

I was asked by some attendees of my PASS 2013 Session, Unseen Minions : Improving parallel processing in SSIS, if I had any sample code or examples of some of the ways my framework could be used.  I have put together 3 samples along with supporting sql code.  You will… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 22 October 2013

SSWUG Summer Camp

I'm speaking at SSWUG Summer Camp!  Thankfully, I can be at home, in my pool AND be at summer camp (oh, how I love modern technology!).  If you have the time, come listen to me blather on about SSIS.  http://www.sswug.org/vc Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 26 June 2013

Speaking at PASS Summit 2013!

I am honored to say that have been selected to present this year.  I'll be giving a talk on my threading framework for SSIS.  Unseen Minions : Improving parallel processing in SSIS.  I am very excited and hope to see you there! Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 22 May 2013

Converting Inches to Centimeters - Long Hand

Today I had to write a little function that takes the long had version of a fraction, say 8 3/4 and convert it a proper number (float) and then convert that number from inches to centimeters. While that is handy, I thought it would be best to include a few… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 26 February 2013

Working with Excel Destinations in SSIS - 0xC0202025, 0x80040E21

Working with Excel in SSIS is not fun and something I whole-heartedly discourage.  With that said, I had a not so uncommon issue that I thought I would blog, once I found the answer.  The issue is with writing columns of data to Excel with a width>255 characters, more specifically… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 12 December 2012

Existence Check Deconstructed -- SSIS Lookup Transformation

There are countless ways to mix and match components in SSIS to simulate what SQL Server does in a query.  Here I am going to show you how to replicate an existence check using SSIS components.  The only time I use this type of configuration is when I have cross-server… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 10 November 2012

SSIS Data Flow Tuning

During my SSWUG webcast I was asked to give some examples on how to tune the DefaultBufferMaxRows and DefaultBufferSize, so here goes.

When a source is pulling in data, it places them into buffers; one row=one buffer.  The default setting for DefaultBufferMaxRows=10,000.  This means that the source will… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 27 April 2012

SSWUG Expo..I'm up!

I am proud to say that one of the webcasts I taped last year for SSWUG is part of the Free Virtual Expo.  My SSIS Enhanced Threading Framework is being shown.  Click here to register. Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 26 April 2012

I'm presenting at 24 Hours of Pass!!

Woohoo!  I have been selected to present my SSIS Tips & Tricks presentation at this year's 24 Hours of Pass.  I am very excited and honored to have been  selected to be one of 24 presenters.  I have decided to include new material in this presentation; Named Pipes.  If… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 4 March 2012

SSIS Script Component Source -- Proc/Select Stmt

I've been asked on several occassions to provide an example of the custom sources I use in my "SSIS Tips&Tricks" presentations.  I had to build one moments ago and realized I am tired of looking back through my presentations to build them.  Here is a sample script that you can… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 21 February 2012

PASS Virtual Chapter: SSIS Enhanced Threading Framework

I'll be giving a presentation tomorrow, Tuesday 2/21/2012 at 12PM EST on my Enhanced Threading Framework design.  Here is the abstract:

"How is it possible to aggregate 12,000,000 records of sales data in a short time window?  In this presentation you will learn the techniques used to make this…

Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 21 February 2012

Spruced up query_io_reader.rb

I built a small ruby program a while back to help with two things:


  1. Quickly identify what tables have the highest IO in a particular query
  2. Learn a new language (Ruby)


The problem was simple.  I needed to easily identify the problem areas of a complex stored procedure.… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 16 February 2012

Using the Error Output of the Derived Column

The other day I was building a simple data import package when I ran into a common situation; invalid conversions in a Derived Column.  The conversion was taking an ISBN13 which is usually defined as char(13) and converting it into a bigint.  All valid ISBN13s are valid bigint.… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 1 February 2012

An Interview at SSWUG

I've been a bit busy for the last few weeks, with the holidays, PASS, working on SSIS (more to come), doing interviews, and presentations.  Here is my interview with Sam Brace at SSWUG! Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 5 December 2011

SQL PASS Keynote : Day(s) 1&2

This is my first time here at PASS and I got a swept away in all the excitement.  I tweeted about yesterday's keynote, but forgot to blog about it :)  Today I will combine both keynote speeches into a single compressed version. :)


Day One -

The focus in… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 13 October 2011

SQL University SSIS : Named Pipes -- Consumer

Welcome to the third and last day of the Named Pipes seminar.  Today we will get into the consumer portion of the framework.  We will focus on getting a piece of information from the producer to the consumer and then moving some of that information into the Data Flow. Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 28 September 2011

SQL University SSIS : Named Pipes -- Producer

Yesterday, I set up the premise for using named pipes in SSIS.  Today we are going to get into the actual coding required to get this system up and running.  In a bit I will go over how you modify your Script objects to enable you to access the libraries… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 27 September 2011

SQL University SSIS : Named Pipes -- Fundamentals

There comes a time when you look at how something is being done and say, "Does it have to be that way?".  SSIS has a few stock Data Flow Sources and they meet 90% of our needs.  There is a situation where I have a single source of data, but… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 26 September 2011

Easily view errors from Script Components

I've been doing quite a bit of work for my upcoming SQL University class next and in it is a Script Component.  These are the ones that live inside of a Data Flow task, which means: "No Breakpoints!".  What a pain that can be.  I had red boxes being… Read more

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Posted in SQLRunner on 23 September 2011

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