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SQL Server Installation Checklist

Many people have published SQL Server installation checklists before. Here is one I have been using for several installations without issue, six for SQL Server 2012 and three for SQL Server 2008 R2. This list has evolved over the years, but primarily comes from many sources, including my own experience… Read more

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Posted in Jon Russell on 1 April 2014

Replication Agent Failure

I recently spent several days investigating a replication failure. Finding the answer specific to my problem was difficult, so I thought I would post my findings and hope someone else may find it useful.

The day after installing a few security patches, replication to the subscriber database began to fail.… Read more

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Posted in Jon Russell on 8 August 2011

Poor man’s SQL monitor

Here is quick tip that can help you track SQL Job and Alert notifications in Microsoft Outlook. Many of you may already do this, but for those who do not, if you arrange your inbox “by conversation”, instead of date, emails will grouped by subject. This will enable you to… Read more

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Posted in Jon Russell on 20 June 2011

Managing Data Change

Often DBAs receive requests to manually manipulate production data. Ideally, all data changes should be performed through the appropriate application or interface. Unfortunately, sometimes applications lack a feature or has a bug that does not allow the user to modify data. To fix a bug or add a feature may… Read more

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Posted in Jon Russell on 20 May 2011

The First Post

I have been a SQL Server DBA and Developer for nearly ten years. In that time I have amassed a lot of scattered resources across the internet. I decided to create this blog to centralize these resources in one place. This is not just for my benefit, but hopefully you… Read more

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Posted in Jon Russell on 5 May 2011