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Are You A Technical Expert or Manager?

By John Sansom, 2013/01/29

The Thinker

Expert or Manager? Why not both.

Are you a Technical Expert or a Manager? You certainly cannot be both.

At least that’s the consensus that I frequently encounter. A belief that you can only be one or the other but definitely not both.

This is outdated thinking. It sounds to me more like a cop out. A nice convenient excuse for those with a fear of doing things differently or going against the status quo. After all going against the status quo is exactly what we apparently should be doing in order to flourish in the modern world of work (Lynchpin, Seth Godin).

Of course leading in this manner is not easy but that’s not the same as impossible. Trying to be two different things at the same time is daft, being exactly what you need to be at the right time, now that’s smart.

Effective leadership is about being mindful of how you engage those around you. That’s a skill that I believe transcends both disciplines.

Technical Expert or Manager, which will you choose to be? Share your thoughts in the forum.

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