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Taking It To The Next Level

By John Sansom, 2011/03/31

Have you set the bar high enough to ensure your success?

You’re reading Taking It To The Next Level, day 5 of 5 Days to Outstanding DBA Customer Service. What prompted this journey into exploring what is Outstanding Customer Service for the Data Professional?  Good Question.  You can find exactly why in day 1 here.

Raising the bar of your customer service

"It's time to raise the bar"

This week we’ve been looking at what good customer service is for the Data Professional and how to provide it. Now it’s time to raise the bar.

Why Provide Outstanding Customer Service?

Your customers are the most important and influential element of your business. Their happiness and satisfaction are what determine your success. It stands to reason then that we should be doing everything we can to ensure that the quality of service we provide our customers is of the highest standard.

This is about more than just satisfying our customers expectations, it’s about consistently surpassing them.

What is Outstanding Customer Service?

Delivering outstanding customer service can be achieved through following and then building upon the principles we have covered this week. Together we have looked at:

By building upon the foundation of these principles we can now look to raise the bar and strive towards delivering outstanding levels of customer service. Ultimately it’s about giving more to our customers.

Giving “Something” More to Your Customers

Your business, your customers and your relationships with them are unique. It is for this reason that there is no precise formula you can implement to achieve outstanding customer service. Instead I offer you direction based on what has proven to be successful in my own experience.

Show Your Customers That They are Important To You

Always Endeavour to Add Value

Demonstrate Initiative

Exceed Your Own Expectations

Now Go Forth and Be Outstanding!

I really do hope that you have enjoyed this series over the past 5 days and that you find it valuable on your own journey to providing outstanding customer service. I would love to hear of your own experiences and suggestions.

This was my first venture writing a daily post series. It certainly proved more demanding and challenging than I had originally anticipated but I feel that it enabled me to really focus on the subject, which I hope produced a more valuable collection to share with you. Let me know if you would enjoy reading future content in a similar format.

Thanks for reading. Now don’t keep those customers waiting any longer, go and give them an outstanding experience.

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