Printed 2017/08/19 02:00AM

With Great Advice Comes Great Responsibility


I know that you have seen it yourself too. That forum or blog post that contains “advice” that is daft, stupid or worst of all just plain wrong.

The SQL Server community is an awesome phenomena. Through collaboration and collective contribution across a wide variety of channels, the community empowers it’s members to become better data professionals. It is truly a great place to be and I encourage you all not to miss out on such a rewarding experience and to get involved as much as you can.

Personally I really enjoy sharing my experiences with SQL Server and in doing so I like to think that I understand the importance and implications of the content I share, whether it be a blog post, a comment on Twitter or a reply on a forum.

Every so often I find poor or even worse incorrect advice being spouted around the online community as if it were gospel and so I wanted to take a moment to briefly make this point.

“The content you are sharing has the potential to be acted upon.”

This is after all the point of offering guidance and assistance, to help others. So if you are not completely certain of the accuracy of the advice or content that you are providing then please either do not publish it in the first place or at least make clear your uncertainties to the reader. Just keep in mind that with great advice comes great responsibility and together we can raise the quality of information within our community.

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