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How Should the PASS Nominating Committee Be Selected?

Over the past few months, the Elections Review Committee (ERC) has been looking into how the community should select its future leaders in the PASS organization. We started with a clean slate. Nothing in the existing process was considered sacred or off-limits. Nothing was considered out of scope. We want to find the best possible way for the community to be completely engaged in the process.

After a great deal of well-reasoned discussion and deliberation, we’ve decided that there does indeed need to be a way to effectively narrow down the field of potential candidates. There are simply too many problems and risks associated with having an unbounded number of candidates on the slate. The issues range from not have enough voters to effectively decide the election, to having ill-equipped candidates reaching the Board, to having competing organizations stuffing the ballot boxes.

This means that some body should exist to consider the applications and pare them down to a more manageable number from which the community can choose. For the sake of continuity, we’ll call this body the Nominating Committee (NomCom).

We’re still discussing how the NomCom will do its job. Expect another post on that topic later.

Who Should Be On The NomCom?

One of the questions that the we’ve grappled with is: how should the members of the NomCom be chosen? If the Board hand selects the NomCom, then they can effectively control the election by controlling who serves on the NomCom.

On the other hand, each NomCom member should have an intimate awareness of PASS, its needs, its operation, etc. Without an understanding of the organization, how can a committee select the most qualified individuals?

So, we’ve put together a draft of the process we’re considering recommending to the Board. This is not finalized. We’re putting it out to the community and we want your feedback.

To see the proposed process, visit the ERC web site. Read the proposal and give us some feedback. We want to make this better.

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