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2010: The Year In Review

“Quitting smoking is easy; I’ve done it dozens of times.” the great American writer Mark Twain once said.

Although I’ve never been a smoker, I can relate to Twain’s sentiment. Setting a goal for yourself can be easy. If taken lightly, goal setting can be little more than creating a wish list of things you’d like to achieve in the future. However, the value of setting goals really is in defining your priorities and outlining a way to achieve the goals. This helps you to systematically live life in a way that is consistent with your priorities.

It’s the follow through and dedication required to turn the wish into a reality that’s tough.

My Goals For 2010

Almost a year ago, I shared my goals for 2010 with the blogosphere as a part of a meme that was going around at the time. Now it’s time to reflect on how I did this year.

Without a time of reflection, setting goals becomes a spark in a flash pan, a short burst of thought and enthusiasm without any real long-term commitment. Periodically reflecting on your goals helps to ensure that 1) the goals are still applicable, and 2) that you are making strides toward achieving the goals.

My Professional Goals for 2010

In January I set the following goals (there is more detail in the original post):

  • Write a business plan for a new venture I’m considering.” This year I gave considerable thought to how this new business may take shape. I did some research and investigation. As a result, the concept morphed into something slightly different that my original idea. I think it’s better and more likely to succeed now as a result. I didn’t document a formal business plan so I fell a little short of this goal. Grade: B+
  • Post a minimum of 72 blogs to my professional blog site.” This is my 66th blog post of 2010 so I came pretty close to my goal of 72 postings. I may get a few more in but I’ll likely miss the 72 mark. I feel that I made progress toward becoming a better writer during th year. Grade: A-
  • “Schedule and have a Weekly Review at least 40 times this year.” This has been my Achilles Heal. Making the time and having the discipline to regularly review my outstanding items and determine what I’d like to tackle in the upcoming week has been tough. On the weeks where I’ve done it, it’s felt great! Unfortunately, I regularly let me “trusted system” get out of date so conducting the review becomes much more of a chore. I’ve got to do better in this respect. I have found software and some routines to help though. Grade: C

My Personal Goals for 2010:

  • “Double the amount of pasture that I have fenced.” I made some progress here by getting a new paddock fenced and added to the rotational grazing plan, but I didn’t double the space. There’s still work to do. Grade B-
  • “Read at least 5 books on preparedness, survival skills, or sustainability on the farm.” I love reading. I’m not a fast reader so it takes me some time to get through a book, but I do enjoy reading books. This year, I met my goal of reading 5 books in the categories mentioned. Those weren’t my only books; I read a lot of other business and faith-based books as well. Grade A
  • “Paint three rooms in our house.” I got one room painted and slightly redecorated this year. Grade C
  • “Resolve an ongoing plumbing issue.” Although I resolved several new plumbing issues in our 100+ year old house this year, the issue I truly had in mind when I created this goal is still outstanding. Grade D

No Excuses

I also accomplished some other noteworthy items in 2010 that were not on my radar at the start of the year. Foremost in this list would be an addition to our family. We now have five kids so as you can imagine, that alone keeps us quite busy.

I also became a BSA Certified LifeGuard during the summer. (Now I have a fall back plan just in case this whole database and business thing doesn’t work out for me. <grin>) And I helped orchestrate a successful SQLSaturday in Nashville by serving as the Chairperson for the event.

I’m typically my harshest critic when it comes to performance. There’s always something I could have done better. Overall, despite falling a bit short on some of my goals for 2010, it was a good year and I’m pleased with the accomplishments.

Your Turn

So how about you? How did you do with your goals this year? Blog your review and post a link to it in the comments below.

Kevin Kline (twitterblog) and Tim Ford (twitterblog), you guys both called me out for the meme last January so I’m specifically interested to hear how you faired with your goals.

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