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How to Tell When SQL Server Started?


As a consultant, I’m regularly asked to diagnose and solve problems when I have incomplete or conflicting information given to me by the client. They don’t mean any harm, but different people in the organization have different perspectives and different memories. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is really happening.

When I’m working with systems like SQL Server, it is always good to gather as much information from the system itself as I can and not rely too heavily on someone else’s memory. Trust but verify as President Ronald Reagan once said.

When was the server restarted?

SQL Server maintains a lot of information about how it’s doing and when certain events ocurred. Much of this information resides in the Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) of SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

For example, let’s say we want to know when the SQL Server instance was last restarted. When can easily collect this information using a quick query. There are several other methods as well but this one is my preferred way.

Session_Id = 1;


Additional Resources

SQL Server Books Online has more information about this and other DMVs. Additionally there are some other great resources on the web.

And there are many, many more. Just use your favorite search engine and begin using the DMVs to make your job a little easier.


  • What’s your favorite DMV?


Posted by ThomasLL on 29 April 2010

I usually open the SQL Log or logs until I see the restart.

Thanks for the tip.


Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 29 April 2010

Very nice tip, after that you should go here >>>  www.sqlservercentral.com/.../when-was-sql-server-last-restarted_3F00_.aspx  

and check for the second step!

Posted by Anonymous on 29 April 2010

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Posted by rudy komacsar on 4 May 2010

How about:

select rtrim(convert(char(24),@@servername)) +

' - version-' + convert(varchar(9),serverproperty('ProductVersion')) +

' - restarted at-' + convert(char(19),crdate,120)

from sysdatabases

   where name = 'tempdb'

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