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Archives: November 2008

Database Adminstration Scalability

database administration scalability

I am working on a project that is very successful in terms of its market share, i.e. product users are probably doubled in the last two years, and it is forcasted to be trippled next year, and as a result, our production servers are doubled already, and may be…

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 27 November 2008

Find the TCP port used by a named instance

We know for SQL Server default instance, if TCP/IP protocol is used, the default TCP port number is always 1433. However for a named instance, the TCP port number is dynamic but sometimes, we need to know this port number for various reasons. I find the following way is probably… Read more

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 13 November 2008

Database administration complexity model

I have been working as a DBA for sometime now, and have been exposed to various database environments and with various tasks. Somehow, I can tell that for each environment, there is difference in terms of  challenges, difficulities and skillset requirments, and this brings me to think whether I can… Read more

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 7 November 2008

DBA and Doctor

I always feel it is harder to be a DBA than to be a doctor while we are doing almost the same thing, i.e. curing the illness of a patient. Of course, to DBA, the patient is a database system, while to a doctor, a live human being (note: I… Read more

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 2 November 2008