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Archives: November 2007

Another use of OpenRowSet()

From time to time, I need to dump out the result from a SP, such as sp_lock or sp_who.

Traditionally, I will use

sp_helptext sp_lock

to get the source code and retrieve the column metadata of the result set, and then build a table based on the retrieve column information,…

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 29 November 2007

Distributed Transaction Issue Msg 7391

I solved an "interesting" issue today. It is about distributed transaction. When I set up transactional replication with immediate updating subscription between two SQL Server 2K5, using

EXEC sp_link_publication @publisher = 'Server1', @publication = 'PubUpdate1',@publisher_db = 'Pub_DB',@security_mode = 0,@login = 'sa',@password = 'sa_pwd'

on Server2, where the updatable subscribtion is…

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 21 November 2007

Generate RPC:Completed Event

I was doing a research on SQL trace regarding RPC:Completed event. So I need to generate a RPC:Completed event first for test, but it seems I cannot(or I do not know how to) do it within SSMS quickly.

So I create a quick VBScript to do this for me:

dim… Read more

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 14 November 2007

save disk when doing backup

As a DBA, most of us will also take care of test environment. However test servers usually cannot afford to be as powerful as the real production servers.

One of the issue I got in my test environment is I also need to do regular t-log backup for the testing… Read more

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Posted in DBA Philosophy on 11 November 2007