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Tell Me How I’m Doing: A Fable About the Importance of Giving Feedback

I read a lot of blogs using BlogTrottr as my inbox delivery mechanism, but it has been quite a while since I’ve been cover to cover on a good book, or any book for that matter.  My wife calls me a reference reader, I know how to find information I need when I need it.   After reading a recommendation from a guy I quite admire in my profession, I picked up this book and gave it a read through.

This book is nothing more than a narrative of a management training sessions revolving around feedback.  Within the narration we learn about the varying methods of feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly of what you might already be doing.   The training begins with the main character, ‘Scott’, on the pointy end of a training exercise which awakens him and makes him very receptive to the lessons being taught.

Over the course of the book we learn that behaviors at work can be translated to behaviors at home and improvement in one area can reflect in the other.  We also learn that there is nothing revolutionary in this book, simply ideas that you already know, but rarely think about, and more than likely, aren’t putting into practice.

This a quick read that any one could take something away from, a good start as my first in a long time.

Tell Me How I’m Doing: A Fable About the Importance of Giving Feedback Book Cover Tell Me How I’m Doing: A Fable About the Importance of Giving Feedback
Richard L. Williams Ph.D.
June 12, 2007

Jason Carter

Jason Carter has spent most of his career as a .NET developer, with time spent as a development manager, accidental DBA, and most recently a full-time DBA. Having worked with large databases as a developer, he found great interest in tuning, tweaking, and making databases run faster. With the support of his wife, he gave up his managerial duties, jumped the development ship and dove head first into his new career as a Database Administrator.


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