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Fatal Error Emails This Morning…

So every morning I check my email on my phone.  Normally, I don’t see any error emails from SQL Server which is great!  However, this morning I saw many emails with the title:

SQL Server Alert System: ‘Fatal Error In Current Process’ occurred on \\server

Great…  What a wonderful start to the day as I’m checking my email on my “throne”….  So I quickly wash up and log in to work to check on the SAN just to be sure that that’s up and running properly and the volumes have enough space.  Everything on the SAN is good.  Then I check the SQL Logs and wow…  Fatal errors are no joke on consuming SQL logs!  I scan through them and I’m like “Oh crap, this doesn’t look good at all…” and then I go to work. 

I Googled the error and people seem to have more ACCESS_VIOLATION exceptions than any thing else.  Whew, at least I don’t have that…  Then I look at the SQL logs more carefully and noticed the EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO exception message and bits and pieces of the stored procedure. 

My coworker comes in and he diagnosed the stored procedure.  He just updated a date value in table and the fatal exception stopped!  We’re still stumped why that was the exception message as the stored procedure isn’t even dividing anything… 

If you have any ideas, my forum thread is: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1198638-1550-1.aspx



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