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Thirty-Three Weeks…

Good day SQLServerCentral!

(Note: This does not have anything to do with SQL; it’s more of a (*gulp*) regular blog…)


Thirty-three weeks.  That is how many weeks my wife has been pregnant.  This will be our first child and, oh boy, what a life changing experience this will be.  It’s hard to believe how fast time flew by.  Just seems like yesterday that we found out she was pregnant.  Now, we’ll soon have a child to take care of.  I really have to give all the parents out there props in having families. 

Since this is our first child, you can imagine how worried we are about our parenting skills and how we’re going to take care of a newborn child.  I can’t imagine driving home with my wife and newborn child in the car.  I apologize in advance to all of the drivers out there that will be angry at me because I’m driving so slow.  My wife suggested that I just put on my hazard lights and drive, which is an excellent idea. 

I have a few questions (if anyone is even reading this):

  1. How many days did you take off after bringing home your baby?
  2. How exhausted were you during the first few weeks?
  3. How do you know why the baby is crying? 
  4. How many onesies are enough and how fast will the baby go through them?
  5. Do you have any advice for a newbie father?

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) giving me your input!


Posted by Dan on 21 April 2011

Days off -- take as many days as you can/want. If you find yourself getting bored, I expect your employer will be happy having you come back early.

The drive home -- try to get them to discharge you right after a rush-hour. I drove my wife and son home around 1:30 in the afternoon, and there was almost no one on the road (relatively speaking).

Other advice -- Now is the time to start letting go of all your expectations of what's going to happen. It may be that very little of what happens over the next several months are as you would expect, but that's okay! The best advice I can give is for you and your wife to each trust yourselves, and each other, and just jump in together.

Posted by dajonx on 22 April 2011

Thank you Dans!  Great advice!

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 22 April 2011

Congrats.  Take as many days as you can - maybe telecommute a bit.  The degree of fatigue varies from baby to baby.  Some babies don't even get fussy until they are 4 months old.

Why is the baby crying?  Comes from building a bond with the baby.  Generally it is hungry, need diaper change, or just need to cuddle.

Onesies - a bunch of the different sizes.  Each baby is different but some can really mess up their outfit in a matter of minutes after having it put on.  Get a bunch and then go from there.

Advice - make sure you have a supply of diapers before the baby gets home - lessens the impact of that cost.  Buy some here or there each time you go to the store.

Posted by dajonx on 22 April 2011

Thanks Jason!  I really appreciate your advice!

Posted by Martin Catherall on 24 April 2011

Hey dajonx,

Congratulations. I'm sure you'll be fine. Our first baby - a boy - came along almost 2 years ago. Time has *really* flown since then :) - I think every dad gets a bit nervous about the drive home (even if you're a top driver!) - I took 2 weeks off work - better to have too much than not enough. You'll work out what the different cry's are for different things (everybody does) - just set up a SQL database if you have problems :)

Posted by dajonx on 25 April 2011

Thanks Martin!  Setting up a SQL database is a great idea!  :)  

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