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Windows Azure SQL Reporting discontinued


Windows Azure SQL Reporting was the new name of the reporting services component (which was formerly known as SQL Azure Reporting Services) that went live June 12, 2012.

However today, October 31, 2013, notification went out to current Windows Azure SQL Reporting customers that the service will be discontinued in 12 months (October 31, 2014).  Customers were directed to migrate their report instances to SQL Server Reporting Services running on Windows Azure Virtual Machines.

SQL Server Reporting Services running on Windows Azure Virtual Machines will provide customers with full native mode feature set, broader data access, and the ability to shut down VMs when not in use for greater flexibility in controlling costs.  Current customers will continue to maintain full functionality in their current SQL Reporting deployment for 12 months, while new customers will be directed to use VMs with SSRS for their Azure reporting instances.

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