Printed 2017/07/27 03:40AM

Top BI Enhancements for SQL Server 2012 Presentation


Next Tuesday, March 12th at 1:15pm CST, I will be presenting the session “Top BI Enhancements for SQL Server 2012” at the Houston Area SQL Server User Group Monthly Meeting.  Below is the abstract.  I will be presenting in person but you can join online.  Details are here.  I hope you can make it!

Top BI Enhancements for SQL Server 2012

What are the new features and functionality in SQL Server 2012 that are specific to business intelligence? SQL Server 2012 has an abundance of new features and enhancements, with business intelligence (BI) being one area given a lot of attention. In this session I will cover the most important of these new features, broken out into the logical areas seen in a full end-to-end development of a BI solution: data integration, data management & warehousing, and end-user reporting.

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