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Blueprint for consulting riches


As a business intelligence architect consultant, I have met many people out there who are as good or better than me in building business intelligence solutions, yet earn much less than I do.  Why you ask?  In the past 18 months, I have nearly tripled my yearly income.  How you ask?  Well, the blueprint I followed is below.  There is nothing incredibly difficult or magical about it.  It just requires some hard work.  And realize I had a solid “base” of experience that has been helpful (over 20 years as a desktop developer, web developer, and DBA with many different companies):

The end result of following this blueprint is you will have an in-demand skillset, make more money, and have no trouble finding your next consulting gig.  This will give you piece of mind knowing if your project was suddenly canceled, or is coming to an end, or you just don’t like it, you will have no problem finding another job right away.  And a higher income means more money in the bank to handle a down-turn in the economy.

Another major point that I wanted to make: my family is my #1 priority, and a major driver of mine to earn more money over my career was to provide a better living for them.  I was able to work from home while my kids where young letting me spend more time with them, am able to have my wife not have to work outside the home in order to be with the kids, have taken a nice vacation with my family each year, provide an overall higher standard of living for them, and be able to send them to college without them being swamped in debt when they finish.  That was the motivation for me to follow the above blueprint for my entire career.

Hopefully this list give you more insight into becoming good at selling and marketing yourself so you are on the path to riches!

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