Printed 2017/08/24 03:16AM

Syncing your calendars


I have a desktop computer, a laptop, and a iPhone.  I frequently add meetings to my Outlook calender on my desktop computer, but sometimes enter them on my laptop.  And I frequently use my iPhone to alert me about upcoming meetings.  These leads to a major problem in keeping all three in sync.  Well, the best solution I have found to keep them synced is by using Google Calendar Sync (download).  Install this on both your desktop and your laptop (making sure to choose the 2-way sync), and then follow the steps from Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device.  From then on, the calendars in Outlook on your desktop, Outlook on your laptop, your iPhone, and Gmail will all be in sync.  So no matter which one you use to enter a meeting, all the others will be updated in seconds.  Of course, this requires you to have a Gmail account, but they are free and you can continue to use your current email account and just use the Gmail account for your calendar.

Some other notes about this solution:

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