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SQL Server 2012 (“Denali”): PowerPivot


Version 2 of PowerPivot (download) is being made available with SQL Server 2012.  There are many new features, and my top 5 are:

Diagram View – Instead of looking at the defined relationships in a list format, v2 allows you to view the relationships in a diagram.  This makes it much easier to view how all the data fits together

KPIs – You can now create Key Performance Indicators

Hierarchies – There is now functionality to model parent-child relationships along with a PATH function to display the path of a parent-child relationship in a delimited format

Perspectives – You can define subsets of a model to provide a simplified view for the end-user (same as in SSAS)

Sort by Other Column – Allows for sorting one column by another column within the same table.  For example, the month name column can be sorted by the month number column

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