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SQL Server does not script indexes by default

By James Serra, 2011/07/27

Here is a got-ya that happened to me.  In SQL Server I want to generate a script of all the tables in case I need to re-create them.  This is usually the case in a development environment when I’m building a database.  So in Object Explorer I click on the Tables folder, open the tab Object Explorer Details, select all the tables (making sure not to select the System Tables folder), right mouse click and select “Script Table as -> CREATE To -> File”.

Great, I can now drop tables or modify them and can quickly get them back to the way they were because I did the right thing in creating a file with the scripts for them (maybe doing this daily).

So I drop a table, then go to my scripts, find the one for that table and execute it to recreate it.  Uh-oh, where have the indexes gone?  Well, by default, SQL Server does NOT script out the indexes, so they will not be re-created!  To change this, go to Tools -> Options -> SQL Server Object Explorer -> Scripting.  Set “Script indexes” to true.  Also note that “Script triggers” is set to false by default.

So, one of the first things you should do is change the option “Script indexes” to true so you can avoid trying to remember what the indexes were like I had to do.  It was a pain!

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