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How to become an expert in your field

By James Serra, 2011/05/30

I have been compiling a list of what things a person can do to become an expert, or guru, in his chosen field, whether that be in specific fields like SQL Server, BI, .Net, or in a broad field like career advise or data architect.  While we can all argue about what constitutes a person as an “expert”, I think we can all agree that name recognition is an important part of that, so the below list has that as its main focus. Of course, you need plenty of job experience and a broad skill set.

Here is what should be on the list of someone who wants to specifically become a SQL Server BI expert – by expanding their own “brand” and by getting out there and becoming known:

Obviously hitting all these items would take a ton of time, but you did not think becoming a guru would be easy, did you?

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