Printed 2017/08/23 08:06AM

What name should I call myself?

By James Serra, 2011/04/27

In creating this blog, I was thinking about using some catchy name for myself.  Something with “DBA” in it.  However, doing a quick Google search revealed there are so many already: Cranky DBA, Rambling DBA, Goal Keeping DBA, Mean Old DBA, Midnight DBA, Lone DBA, Scary DBA, Dr DBA, Apps DBA, Speed DBA, Crazed DBA, Grumby Old DBA, and Rambling DBA.  And I won’t get into all the one’s with “SQL” in it (SQLRockstar, SQLSoldier, SQL Agent Man, etc).  I’m a big New York Yankees fan, so I thought of calling myself NY Yanks DBA, but I think I will just stick to my name, James Serra.  Fortunately there are no other DBA’s with that name.

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