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Full Time Employees Per Number of Database Users? FTE/DB users? How Many Servers are too much to Handle?

By Hugo Shebbeare, 2011/06/24

After several days research, I have been trying to get a rough estimate on how many Full Time Employees are allocated per number of database users and/or servers.

Yes, I understand there are so many variables, considering that one database can be left alone for years perhaps thanks to proper maintenance built-in by the developers or the vendor, whereas another can require constant care -  but
my question to the DBA Community out there, do you have any calculations used or hard-fast rules regarding the number of Database Users per DBA or Number of Servers per DBA to manage without high downtime risk?

Today is French-Canada’s Saint Jean the Baptist Holiday and July 1st is Canada Day.
Thank you and enjoy your respective summer holidays readers.

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