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Rant About Judges that Misunderstand the Role of a DBA

Part - 07 Exerpts from "The Tyranny of Bill-101" - Part 07

Commenting on how frustrating it is for DBAs to deal with a corrupt Judicial System that attacks victims of White Collar Crime, and specifically this decision, that doesn't recognise what our role is with relation to database security best practices. There is even obvious statements from the contracts that a DBA has Full responsibility for carrying on their duties, according to the rules of art and profession, the work entrusted to it under organization, implementation and project schedule. And the Job (Poste) clearly states that I provide best practices documentation, yet, in point 144, Commissaire Verdone takes a stab at me creating documentation regarding the Auditing Project I was on: '...the connection with the contents of the controversial report nobody asked him to do and that led to the termination - MEANING I SHOULDN'T DO MY JOB AS A DBA TO DOCUMENT THINGS I SEE AS PROBLEMATIC (yes, ridonculous!).. Subsequently, she states several times that my work was project based only, ignoring the evidence that I was hired to alleviate Production Support - which is impossible, since our duties as a database administrator are ongoing without a fixed end date. She also banned my report, which infringes my constitutional rights, so there are Federal Govt Legal Groups involved next to remind this Provincial Administrative Judge to honour my rights and the RULE OF LAW, instead of smacking me down as the QC Govt does so frequently to minorities.

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