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How to Deal with Quebec’s Extremists – Report their Threats to the Police (Investigation Under Way)


I’m part of a Committee that is dedicated to eliminating discriminatory legislation in Quebec, here’s a statement we released last week after a Death Threat from the one-man show Quebec Militia ‘Major’ Provost:

The goal of our Greater Montreal Multi-Ethnic Territory Committee to Abolish Bill 101, is begin the process to rid Quebec of all discriminatory Language legislation. The most commonly known and little understood in its full implications of Ethnic Cleansing ('the planned deliberate removal from a specific territory -QC, in this case- persons of a particular ethnic group, by force or intimidation, in order to render that area ethnically homogeneous,) is the law French Charter Law Bill 101. Thus, many of our 25 Committees have this Abolitionist intent embedded in the actual title of the group.

The provincial majority has been able to maintain a tyrannical stranglehold over the rest of Quebec’s population for over a generation now, and it shall come to an end - as does all tyranny. However, we understand that it is not the individual citizens who are responsible for this, but rather a corrupt and manipulative assortment of politicians within provincial Nationalist/Sovereigntist élite governments that have failed the people of Quebec repetitively with their Illusion Tranquille (Grand Illusion). This 'Gouvernemama' has taken advantage of every opportunity to squash minority rights with legislation during the Anglo-Exodus, taking for granted the English-Speaking minority vote ever since by Mafia-like Liberal provincial 'supposedly Federalist' Governments, since the Parti-Québécois or Bloc Québécois are simply not a choice at all for minorities. The power vacuum since the beginning of the Independence movement in the sixties and seventies, following the latter and former conditions has left minorities in the province completely politically disenfranchised (not dis-engaged, as certain misguided authors from National Post seem to state). To observe clear evidence of this, just last September 2010, we see the pitiful 12% voter turnout in the City of Saint Laurent, one of Montreal's most ethnically diverse communities, for the parachuted Liberal Party of Quebec candidate Jean-Marc Fournier. We are no longer in the sixties, and we are certainly not in an era where one should be receiving death threats for differing political ideological positions such as the one sent by Major Provost, of the illegal Quebec ‘empty threat’ Militia directed with a Facebook message titled ‘With All Due Respect’ (avec tout mon respect) against Hugo Shebbeare, an Executive Member of our Committee, directly at 10:16pm March 24th, and against the Rally as a whole. Here is the excerpt in question (full details below):

2) comme vous propager une image du génocide francophone à venir,?je vous conseille fortement de dir a votre filles que vous l'aimer et que ces pour elle que vous faite sa, par ce que le 17 Avril au soir peut-être que vous ne rentrerez pas vivant !!!!2) since you are propagating an image of forthcoming francophone genocide, I strongly recommend that you tell your daughter[s] that you love her, and that you are doing this for her, because the evening of the 17th of April [2011], perhaps you will not go home alive !!!

There is no proof of this ‘coming genocide’ propaganda of course from the MPQ, but we clearly see a threat to an individual’s life here. Furthermore, Colonel James Angus Brown, (former) Committee President, has had his web site validated with the Surêté du Québec already. It should be noted, that our Committees (by mid year 2011) had already removed this man from the Presidency (I was voted in democratically) .

Thankfully, considering this threat, the Montreal Police (spvm.qc.ca) have confirmed to us the after noon March 25th, 2011, that they will be escorting our Rally to Abolish Bill 101 - meeting at the Roddick Memorial Gates on April 17th at noon.

Thank you,

Executive Board
Greater Montreal Multi-Ethnic Territory Committee to Abolish Bill 101

More Details:

Sent: March-25-11 10:58 AMTo: 'Constable Roy @spvm.qc.ca'Subject: RE: Death threat against me (Hugo Shebbeare) by Major Provost de la militice patriotique quebecois

Bonjour Constable Roy, He continues to harass…

Hugo Shebbeare March 25 at 9:17am

Death threat has been reported to the SPVM - so I will see Provost in court. It is amusing to see that the police themselves have no idea who the Major is, nor the MPQ.

Sent via Facebook Mobile

Major Provost March 25 at 10:43am Report

Je suis étonner de votre esprit chagrin M. Shebbeare m'est si vous trouver un procureur pour supporter dans vos élan braillard après les propos que vous et M. Browns avez porter

Le Juge va rire de vous et tout le Montréal anglais par le fait même m'est aux moins on và avoir la chance d'ici là de se rencontrer face a face le 17 Avril aux plaisir de se revoir devant le juge M. Shebbeare!!!

Mouhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ('Major' Serge Provost states that he is stunned by my chagrin, and jokes about finding any Lawyer who will support me, considering what Jim Brown has said in the past (and I have not, but he is too dumb to understand this I guess). the Judge will laugh at you and all of Anglo-Montreal for this (false) fact, at least we will have a chance to meet face to face on the 17 of April, or with pleasure in front of a Judge - no need for translation of Mouhahahahahaa!)

Hugo Shebbeare March 25 at 10:49am

Yes, I have Brent Tyler.

Do not try and put Browns' words in my mouth - you are trying to copy and paste his ideas against our Right to protest, while using death threats. Enquete policiere sur votre acte criminel [Police investigation regarding your criminal acts] underway - the pleasure will be all mine cher criminel :)

Your Militia is illegal btw - so good luck with your Illusion of the MPQ.

Sent via Facebook Mobile

From: Shebbeare Hugo Sent: March-25-11 10:11 AMTo: 'CONSTABLE Roy @spvm.qc.ca'Subject: RE: Death threat against me (Hugo Shebbeare) by Major Provost de la militice patriotique quebecois

Dear Constable Roy,

Thank you for taking the time to sort out this death threat from the man in the photo below.?

Now the page they had up with the threat has been taken down...? I have two witnesses, Mrs W. and Mrs S. (many others if necessary).

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143500039046802 (Facebook group created to intimidate our demonstration on April 17th, 2011)

Full documentation of who this person claiming to be head of the Quebec Militia is.



Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 15 April 2011

UPDATE - Serge Provost was arrested yesterday afternoon.

Message by phone from Sergant Bourdeau of the Montreal Police:

Serge Provost was arrested this morning for the facebook death threat against HS sent last month, and liberated on conditions. He will placed in front of a judge shortly, and his photo will be taken as well as his fingerprints taken. He must stay 100M away from me, cannot own any sort of a gun, and cannot change his address without informing the police.

Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 2 April 2012

Just the other day, Provost was placed on Probation thanks to the help of the Montreal Crown Prosecutor, here is the original story from the CBC:


After the arrest of Serge Provost, the editor of No Dogs or Anglophones posted this Video from the CBC: www.youtube.com/watch

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