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Canada Begins Return to Democracy as the ‘Harper Government’ Found in Contempt of Parliament, a First Throughout the Commonwealth – And No Confidence Vote Triggers the Election Race


For over a week now, Canada has begun its return to appearing to be a democracy thanks to a Liberal No Confidence Motion on Friday, March 25th.  On March 9th, I warned several key Liberal MPs to be very prepared for such a motion because of the backfire that caused a forbearer several years of pain proceeding doing such a stunt on his own, without co-ordination of opposition members of Parliament first. Timing is everything!

What actually happened:
On March 25, 2011 the finding of contempt led to a motion of non-confidence introduced by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The NDP and BQ supported them, which resulted in the adjornment of the 40th Parliament of Canada, and made Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government the first to fall on a charge of contempt of Parliament.

Of course, Prime Minster Harper tried to draw attention away from the insulting vote that forced the dissolution of Parliament, by speaking about the proposed budget.  Smoke and mirrors as usual, but the decision was unprecedented and the Members of Parliament had their way over King Stephen finally, after years of the Opposition stating loudly ‘It’s Time to Go!’.  

Canadians seem to have taken much of the Budget bait however also, since the lack of understanding with respect the seriousness of a standing government found in contempt. The Members of Parliament, our lawmakers, decided by a vote of No Confidence was the best way to send a message that when a Speaker [Peter Milliken] finds a Government in Contempt, it has to go. And they succeeded in punishing the Conservative minority government rightly.

The best commentary I saw from outside of Canada was thanks to Stephen Colbert who appeared to yawn at Canadian Politics – a sorta, okay, so the Canucks politely asked the government to fall
J Canadians themselves are so turned off of Politics, they hardly noticed the truth behind how the government was actually forced out.  Here’s what I mentioned to friends on Facebook (heated debate of over twenty comments):

·         Hugo Shebbeare 

I have to come back to this, because I just want this to be understood properly (aside from the obvious damaging spin): Speaker Milliken’s ruling on March 9, 2011, in which he established that there was a prima facie case for a finding of contempt of Parliament against the government because it had withheld information from Parliament. Faced with these two opposing rulings, Mr. Franks affirmed that he sided with Speaker Milliken and declared that, in his view, the government was not entitled to limit Parliament’s power to receive information.

March 31 at 12:24am · Like


Hugo Shebbeare 

First of all, well all know Harper is the Govt, and he controls all his ministers like children on a leash, so it is his responsibility to share information so that Parliament can make decisions to manage the country - the punish someone in Contempt of Parliament you can do several things, in this case, the highest possible insult was given from lawmakers that WE all elected - they had a vote of no-confidence that defeated the govt, the 'Harper Govt.' 
Therefore, they chose what level of punishment to enforce for contempt, and in this way, I do not think anyone would disagree, Parliamentarians are saying this is a Crime to be in contempt of Parliament. Harper has paid the ultimate price for it, but where the above article gets it wrong is that he can still run again (and I wish that one would be automatically barred, if you are the head of such a party, but that is in my opinion and for our lawmakers to establish). One thing is for sure, they have set a Precedent that clearly favours the side of the Free Flow of Information, the basis of a democratic society, and not HarperLand.

One brave reporter pointed out the truth behind how it is a crime to be found in contempt of parliament (even the Aussies noticed our degradation of democracy) – reinforced by research from Paul W. Kincaid – but alas it is the loophole of the Government being found in Contempt and not Harper himself (despite my comment above, which describes how the Conservative Government was run as the Harper Monocracy):

Canada Elections Act
CANDIDATES – Qualifications

Ineligible candidates

65. The following persons are not eligible to be a candidate:

(b) a person who is disentitled under paragraph 502(3)(a) while they are so disentitled;

Stephen Harper was found guilty of the crime of contempt of parliament by the Canadian House of Commons. The guilty verdict disqualified Harper for re-election as he was disentitled as Prime Minister by the House of Commons.



But will Canadians pay any attention to this? Nope, they consider the Elections Canada Act too obscure, and after discussing with MP Denis Coderre last week – he is sure they will not bother to use this against Harper in the current election campaign. How sad...


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