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Spreading the DBA Gospel (from Old English, god spell "good news")


There are times when I wonder why I get so few comments on this blog, however there are assumptions I have made which were confirmed to me recently again by those who wrote to me directly, or spoke with. Some told me that fewer comments are a good thing and that they do not take the time to comment because there is very little to disagree with – as if it was the unquestionable truth. The international history degree has made me very anal with respect to references, so I suppose that helps too. 
Here's the viewpoint from a certain DBA (shall leave him as anonymous) who obviously had a lot of pressure being the only amongst a large IT team who wishes to comply with law and say no to those who always attempt to cut corners:

RE: Vigilant DBA


Hi Hugo,

I very much enjoyed your article Database Security Best Practices for the Vigilant Database Administrator and Developer (Unabridged Edit), particularly the portion on Separation of Duties, and have been researching the COSO/SOX/COBIT/ITIL components to start laying down policy where I work (which is somewhat out of control, developer privilege-wise).  Being able to cite your MVP version of this article on the Microsoft site as “gospel” has made it a great deal easier to squelch the complaints that the developers I support inevitably had when I started tightening the belt of control.

[...cut out the rest since not related to this post.]

 I thanked this person (you know who you are buddy :) today for his comment and wished him a Happy Christmas.
Writing is very motivating with feedback like this.

Happy Holidays Everyone, especially those who do not leave
comments because they are in agreement :)


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