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RE: Contract Coding: Ensuring your Client pays up (great article from Damon Armstrong)

By Hugo Shebbeare, 2010/08/08


I am very happy to see Damon Armstrong take up this touchy subject in `s Opinion section. Worth a read.

Enjoy the summer reading (for those in the Nothern Hemisphere), as currently occupied with all the external housework (garden, gutters, drainage, brick repointing). Also helping out the LIberal Party of Canada candidate Philippe Allard for Laurier-Sainte-Marie, with a translation of the Le top 20 « Je me souviens» : Le parlarès des 20 ans du Bloc / Greatest Misses of the Bloc Québeécois' First Twenty Years, Canada's Most Inutile Federal Party and will post a copy on this blog at one point, after all the edits and criticisims are worked out. 

The third article for Simpe-Talk will be coming up soon on the use of Oracle and MySQL at the same time as SQL Server.

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