Printed 2017/08/19 11:22AM

Need Data from a Mac: TransMac for Reading HFS Volumes a Lifesaver

By Hugo Shebbeare, 2010/04/25


Recently I was handed over a HFS volume to read from my colleague who uses his Macbook exclusively.  We had tried passing data through Bluetooth, but gave up due to some formatting that I hadn’t done yet on my 8GB MicroSD card on the CrackBerry.

So he handed me a USB key that was formatted as HFS.


Then I remembered, from way, way, back that I had a TransMac license key purchased for just this occasion. If you are ever in this situation, I recommend purchasing from TransMac by AcuteSystems.  There are probably many software providers for this, but I was just saved thanks to a Trail License available here.


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