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Disaster Recovery for SQL Server Databases

By Hugo Shebbeare, 2009/09/03


Well, it finally happened, the complete disaster recovery article was reviewed, reviewed again, rewritten, revisited…you get the picture…and published.  As described by my cousin, this is an Open Source Disaster Recovery Solution for SQL Server Databases. Originally, the work was personal reactionary attempt to better SQL Server Replication (which I had lived through nightmares with prior) by means of a what I consider to be the most reliable storage replication, now it's onto Database Mirroring in the current mandate to see how it compares with the latter.

Thank you so very much to Chris Massey and Andrew Clarke for their great help, and to Brad McGehee for pushing me in the SSC first, and ultimately, the direction.  

The full English version is finished et une traduction en français est déjà en cours (disponible d'ici la fin septembre/début octobre).

Enjoy, and looking forward to your comments! ( and currently front page of )

 South Coogee Cliffs - early morning 1990, while working as Moving Jockey (Aussies say Removals ) for Austwide

Don't be caught without a DRP, it could mean your companys' operations end up washed up on the rocks. 

Pictured here is one of the first panoramas (albeit only two shots taken with the old '71 Pentax Spotmatic 2) I've ever taken at 15 years, at South Coogee Cliffs, Sydney - early morning 1990, while working as Moving Jockey (Aussies say Removals ) for Austwide Removals, Gary Buter's old company. Gary was my host in Melbourne at the time, allowing me to share his great flat in St. Kilda while attending Elwood High School.

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