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Workplace Discrimination in Quebec - part 2: Ignoring the Warning Signs

My Dearest Mister André Pratte,

Regarding your article in the Globe and Mail, I was quite surprised to see you run to the indirect defence of militant Péquistes (Parti Québécois members) over the mistreatment of the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec's (CDPQ) new Chief Michael Sabia during testimony the other week. My goal here is to clearly and fearlessly demonstrate how you are ignoring the warning signs, by my own personal experience within the organisation he’s now running and what I consider to be its obvious shortcomings (as well as those of the sovereigntist élite and their illusion tranquille).

There are several points in which you seem to gloss over, or minimise, which is typical of the person not on the receiving end of discrimination. On the national level, I understand there is discrimination towards French-Canadians, and more so towards those who identify themselves as Québécois due to several referendums et al., especially now that we are in a huge financial crisis and everyone has succumded to the blame game. Within the province, the term Québécois usually implies only those of your ethnic group, I'm afraid to say, and excludes minorities who have lived in this province for hundreds of years, let alone recent Italian immigrants.

You are trying to defend the indefensible and justify Sabia’s harassment by the PQ militant separatists as normal, or at least give the impression of doing so?  I do not accept your reality, and nor does the Government itself, now that the Commission des normes du travail (CNT) to is trying to curtail this type of harassment of a racial-nature.  It's as if he is being openly humiliated for not being part of the 'Clan', and then questioned unnecessarily over allegiance to Quebeck and treated as the enemy after generations of demonising of the English language 'les anglais et la langue des traites'. Another example is how noone steps up to stop hate literature such as Anglaid being released...unsurprising isn't it and unfortunately expected in this province, but unacceptable still. Sabia's mandate is to clean up the CDPQ (despite open prejudice against a prominent Anglophone Executive in Montreal, as is clearly demonstrated by Yves Beauchemin). I predict that internally to the CDP, there will come the next level of harassment and refusal to co-operate by means of blocking his key deliverables (no wonder it is so hard to keep comptetent personnel -- it is a hostile environment).

For Sabia, the you’re not good enough for the Clan messages come as:  you don’t speak French well enough, then it’s you don’t have enough experience in finance (so when Robert Tessier said that there was nobody with the equivalent qualifications, he was lying then?)…and now it’s okay to question his ethnicity and his allegiance to Quebeck - in English it's actually supposed to be written that way, but hey, guess that's been erased with revisionist history too, unfortunately the norm in this province.  Mr. Pratte, you are in Canada, and your justification of this verbal harassment for not being part of the Clan by Bluenecks to the point of denying a taxpayer the right to work for the provincial government has won him perhaps respect – how back-asswards the mentality is people are turning the complacent eye to that he even get harassed in the first place!  The  low  standards found in such institutions are in part due to the ethnocentric local provincials often only being allowed into management positions (there are exceptions of course, but very few, seen it first hand) despite its location right in the heart of a cosmopolitian city  - and any outsiders who disagree are unapologetically forced out and have to shut up otherwise, since opposition to the Clan is met with 'why don't you just leave' as I was told by a Human Resources employee.  Why should I, labelled as an 'Anglophone' in QC, pay taxes, and ultimately, give to an organisation that mismanages my retirement money and openly discriminated against me?  Why should he?

You are making a mistake with respect to what is happening to Sabia, and I may be taking risks here, but someone has to stand up to this hypocrisy that you are wasting keystokes defending. Psychological harassment of this kind, especially now that it’s being done openly to Sabia now too, is illegal in QC since 2004 - and criminal if repetitive.  It is also a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (many of stated it’s okay to deny Sabia the right to equal opportunity to work there, as if it was pre-determined that he not be allowed to run the Caisse de Defauts).  Might I remind you that any discrimination breeds contempt, and this is most certainly discrimination: too bad if you do not understand it, you are not the vicitim and have no right/need to project failed Maitre-chez nous mentality anymore as acceptable, eventhough many consider you a Federalist.  The pendulum of fear (threats of violence by the pathetic RRQ and St. Jean Baptiste Society and scapegoating – all tyrannies of the majority by means of apathy to deal with extremists) has swung way too much in the 'Clan’s' favour….so much so that you are most likely in denial of the forced departure (the softer part of Ethnic Cleansing as defined by the United Nations, but the goal is still the same as the first mind yo0u) of hundreds of thousands of English speaking Quebeckers from their home province, including immigrants (many close friends even) who prefer the Lingua Franca. L’illusion tranquille nous démontre une chose dont personne veut en parler, et ce n’est pas une blague, les résultats sont devant vous, soyez lucide au nom des lois internationaux. I define this as Losership, and the perfect examples of the Losership are chumps like Landry and the sovereigntist militants he mingles with. Québec, mon cher, ça vas faire l’Anglophobie! Je demande où est-ce qu’il est partie la tolérance de notre cher Guy Favreau.  Oh, and for the thugs who consider Favreau a sell-out, working across our multi-nation state should not be considered as treason, like many misguided neo-Patriotes think - often indirectly funded by our own federal tax dollars (though subsidiaries of BQ and/or PQ - which is treasonous in itself).  

I am a Champion for Canada, est le Québec est inclus dans mon pays, and one of the first steps you have to do to fix ‘la belle province’ is do exactly what the CNT is doing – get rid of the Xenophobes creating immobilism in the workplace like Landry, (rest of militant soveriegntists on the territorial grab for a French-only Montreal) that prevent minorities from advancement in this province. And in the case of so many minorities cleansed from the CDPQ itself (first hand witness, many security guards can attest to this fact), would prevent us from losing so many billions of dollars of OUR common retirement money.  Look how long it took Tremblay to realise that he wasn’t listening when there was an attempt at forced Francisation, e.g. of Park Avenue for Bourassa, going on…a known city landmark of Montreal across the country - why the obvious entitlement to make minority voices subject to a mountain of task to fight the bureaucratic faceless municipal machine we know as the City of Montreal. Notice how I’m not mentioning the Rest of Canada (discrimination is everywhere) at all here, since I know this is in internal problem to QC we must fix together even if it takes another generation ( en tant qu'égaux s'il vous plait ) - unfortunately Westerners in our country just do not understand the extent of problems here well enough, because they're not in the field, needless to say.

So then, Sir, have you taken out the earplugs yet?  Are you going to listen to the 'maudit Anglos' in your own province?  Tell me when, because there is quite a bit we need to fix, and we have to do it together as EQUALS, not as Maitre et esclave. And trust me, when your constitutional rights and human rights are violated, and you’re told ‘you asked for it’ by the generation that have been brain-washed by Bill 101, several referendums, repetitive scapegoating at our expense within the province, judgemental harassement for being different from the local mould, it is pretty much slavery. 

You seem so blind that you’ll defend the actions of ethnic cleansers (maybe you didn’t notice the pathetic May 11th 125 person RRQ manifest screaming out ‘go home Anglos’ that was so easily distracted by the Menthos party a block away, no Cops showed up to prevent them btw, of course). Stop ignoring the facts that the QC Government itself is often a hostile environment for any assertive minority. Discrimination is discrimination and it fosters contempt, no matter which group, in this case linguistic, it is directed at – Rights are Rights, no matter what prejudice one has for minorities in QC.  Please tell me, now that you are standing next to the Truth, do you see it (thanks to Bono for some inspiration)?

Will Sabia be told, upon being shown the door, that he was 'too Noble for the Caisse', perhaps within the next 5 months too?  I am stepping forward to do all I can to prevent that from happening, because it has to stop happening and you and your defence of illegal actions by militant PQists – a blind eye to anything happening to someone (from outside the Clan) is crazy.  Too bad, I shall remind you of your collective torts of the majority, as they are very clear to its' victims, whether you like to hear it or not. Sabia hasn’t won respect as you optimistically state in front of the Mop and Pail public, he’s beginning the long wear-down by the gang that will ultimately force him out from the CDPQ (even if it is only a few persons taking devious actions to set him up for a crash), as unwanted it will be to him personally.

The majority in QC has even depreciated minority work in this province so much that you’ve convinced many of the latter that to take on the complacency is not even worth it – doing nothing about a problem doesn’t fix it, needless to say: the status quo in Quebeck is far too Anglophobic.  Sabia, is an Italian Canadian Noble, please help stop the needless persecution (as many minorities undergo here when working for the government especially) of him since he’s not from the Clan, and direct your attention to Rousseau, who should give up his bonus if he had an ounce of honour left in him (thanks to my MNA Amir Khadir for questioning his appearent arrogance during the parliamantary commission).  Discrimination exists everywhere, even in my beloved Vancouver, but the local flavour you turn a blind eye to is most certainly real, it’s happening all around you - just ask an 'Anglo'.  Because we the said group are a disdained minority, it’s deemed okay…which means you have not shed the mentality of the sixties and trying to get back at another generation that we have no link to, and wish to move on from (no more Projecting old baggage onto our generation,  thank you very much).  Stop justifying keeping the workplace within the Quebec Government Institutions in the stone ages (your article is far too optimistic and doesn’t reflect the methods used at the CDP to force Anglos out), it’s rather sad, I would have thought better to come from the likes of you and your great body of work so far.

I predict that Sabia, a very brave man, will no longer be able to stand the prejudice (by the end of the summer at the latest), the scapegoating and backstabbing that will happen at the top of the CDP, and there will be something that he’ll be blamed for, although minor compared to Rousseau’s tenure, and the guys who walk him out will laugh loudly and say see how easy it was to get rid of the Anglo? To which another chump for the Losership crowd will laugh out loud and say ‘les Anglais sont faciles à mettre dehors.  By the way, once again, Les Anglais habitent Angleterre, ici nous sommes Canadiens et fiers.


Posted by Anonymous on 9 November 2009

I am very impressed with Michel David’s work, and openly endorse much of this great piece of work at

Posted by Anonymous on 16 February 2010

As mentioned in previous posts, between January and September 2008 I was hired to be a Database Cop for

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