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Gorandalf's SQL Blog

Goran is a SQL Server/Microsoft Data Platform professional. He started working with the SQL version 6.5 many years ago and has worked in various DB-related roles from database administrator to database developer to Data Warehouse and BI architect. He's a member of the local chapter of PASS in in Munich, Germany and often attends SQL Saturdays and similar events in the region.

Connect() live stream for Developers around the World

Connect() is a yearly, Microsoft-hosted developer event that is broadcast live from New York City to developers worldwide.

The Connect(); 2017 Live Stream will begin at 9:45am US Eastern (15:45 Central Europe) with a pre-show and the Keynotes will start at 10:00am Eastern (16:00 CET) on November 15th and stream… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 13 November 2017

Windows Tips and Tricks – Why do I Have Trouble Ejecting USB Hard Drives?

External USB drives should be safely detached from Windows instead of just unplugging them from the computer. Most of us know that by now.

But sometimes a safe eject is not possible for no obvious reason. There are some weird situations when we think we closed all the programs that… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 1 November 2017

SQL Server 2017 is coming

It’s official: the next version of SQL Server, planned to be released this year, will be called SQL Server 2017. It is currently in the Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.0 stage which is the first production-quality preview of the product.

Even though it’s coming just a year after SQL 2016,… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 19 April 2017

Windows Tips and Tricks – Quick Screen Clipping

It’s quite easy to hit the PrintScreen key and capture the whole screen. But how do we quickly capture a part of the screen ? If you are using OneNote, there’s a very cool trick I want to share with you:

First, make sure that you see the “New Quick… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 22 March 2017

Here I go again

About two years ago I wrote my first blog post.

About a year ago I paused my blogging activity. That’s when I joined Microsoft…

Not that Microsoft forbids its employees to be active in any social networks, quite the contrary. There are however policies and rules to follow. And it… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 21 March 2017

Dynamic Data Masking

Here’s a new feature that I like very much: Limiting exposure of sensitive data like user emails, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and so on.

This feature has been available in the Azure SQL Database for a while and now it is included in the new SQL Server 2016… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 29 February 2016

SQL Server 2016: configure TempDB during installation

Proper configuration of the TempDB system database is crucial for optimal performance of a SQL Server instances during heavy loads. The recommended strategy is to create multiple data files, one per CPU core (logical processor), but not more than 8.  Those files should be equal in size and with the… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 31 January 2016

My 2015 SQL Events

It’s the first day of the year 2016 and I’m thinking about all the SQL events I attended in 2015.

SQL Sat Vienna

February 28, SQL Saturday #374, Vienna, Austria. My friend Milos ( b | t ) and his pals from the Austrian PASS chapter did a great… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 1 January 2016

Row-Level Security part 2 – Controlling Write Access

My previous post was focused on controlling read operations. With the latest enhancements to the row-level security, it is now possible to restrict write operations as well. This feature is currently available as a preview now generally available in Azure SQL Database V12. Let’s see how that works.

Filtering and…

Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 29 November 2015

Row-Level Security in SQL Server and Azure

Row-Level Security (RLS) is a new feature of SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database that enables data access control based on the users executing those queries: if a user isn’t authorized to access certain rows in a table then those rows are automatically filtered out by the database engine.… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 28 August 2015

Azure SQL Database – Version and Compatibility Level

In the on-premises world, when we install a SQL Server on our own servers, we decide on SQL Version (2012, 2014….), Edition (Standard, Enterprise, Epress…) and we set the database Compatibility Levels according to our applications’ specs. But what is it like with the Azure SQL Database (PaaS)? The answer… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 10 June 2015

SQL Server in Azure

There are two flavors of SQL Server in Azure: one is the traditional SQL Server platform hosted in Azure virtual machines, also described as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The other is called Azure SQL Database, database-as-a-service or Platform as a Service (PaaS).  there are several important differences in functionality… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 9 May 2015

Overview of Azure Data Services

The number of Microsoft’s cloud services is growing by month, if not week, so that it’s hard to keep them all in mind and understand what exactly is each one for and when to use waht. This article is a summary of the Data Service as of April 2015. I’ll… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 3 May 2015

Using SSIS Lookup Transformation in ETL Packages

Lookup is one of many transformations available in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Its purpose is to perform a JOIN of two datasets: input columns from a data source and columns in a reference dataset – a table, view or a result of a query. Lookup can be used in… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 29 April 2015

The MERGE Statement – One Statement for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE

Starting with SQL Server 2008, we can use the MERGE statement to solve some every day scenarios in more elegant ways. A short definition of this new feature would be: it allows us to write a single statement to synchronize data in two tables by executing any combination of INSERT,… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 20 April 2015

How to Test Existing T-SQL Code Before Changing the Compatibility Level

You can easily determine whether existing stored procedures, UDFs and views can work in a higher (or lower, if you wish) compatibility level. The only tool that you need for this is SSMS and a copy of your production database on a development server. Here are the steps:

  1. In SQL…

Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 13 April 2015

Database Compatibility Level 101

Each SQL Server database has a setting called Compatibility Level that determines how T-SQL commands are interpreted and what features are supported for that database. A single SQL instance can host multiple databases with different compatibility levels, so SQL statements that work on one database might not work on the… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 12 April 2015

Hello SQL Server world!

Hi folks! Look, my very first post, yay!

I’ve been thinking about starting my own SQL-related blog for a long time and I guess I just needed a little kick that eventually came from Ed Leighton-Dick, Brent Ozar, Kevin Kline, Andy Warren and few other members of… Read more

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Posted in Gorandalf's SQL Blog on 4 April 2015