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Go Big with Data

My current focus is directing and managing strategic and operational aspects of Pragmatic Works, a data services organization focused on democratizing analytics and data related technologies. I built the organization from the ground up (with my co-founders) to include industry leading processes, attract and retain top industry resources and execute powerhouse partnerships with firms like Microsoft and HP to deliver the highest quality solutions in the most innovative ways.

Star Performers Need Extra Affirmation After a Setback

There are two major reasons baseball has been such a boon to statisticians trying to measure human performance. First, sample size: the United States alone fields 30 major league teams — each with a 40-man roster — that play 162 regular-season games. Every game comprises hundreds of plays. Second, because of the way the game is designed, you truly can measure individual performance as well as team performance.

But researchers trying to crunch the numbers on how the rest of us perform at work — that is, assuming your work is not to hit a small round ball with a thin round bat — have a tougher time. So can you forgive them for going back to the ballplayers?

via Star Performers Need Extra Affirmation After a Setback – Sarah Green – Harvard Business Review.


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