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Leaked Information About AMD Opteron 6200 Series Processors

CPU World has a post about some leaked info regarding the upcoming Opteron 6200 series “Bulldozer” processor line. Here are the specifications of the four models that the story describes:

Opteron 6220       8 cores, 3.0GHz base clock speed, Turbo CORE to 3.5GHz

Opteron 6234      12 cores, 2.4GHz base clock speed, Turbo CORE to 2.9GHz

Opteron 6272      16 cores, 2.1GHz base clock speed, Turbo CORE to 2.6GHz, 16MB L3 cache

Opteron 6276      16 cores, 2.3GHz base clock speed, Turbo CORE to 2.8Ghz

AMD explains how Turbo CORE works here.  I really hope that the Bulldozer is released soon, and that it performs well. Otherwise, Intel will continue to completely dominate the high end portion of the server market. Viable competition is good for the DBA community…


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