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July 2011 Version of SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Queries

By GlennBerry, 2011/06/30

Since July is only one day away, its time for the updated version of my SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries. There is also an updated version of the results spreadsheet, with an additional tab for the latest new query in the set.

This new query lets you see whether SQL Server has any Memory Grants Pending according to the SQL Server: Memory Manager performance monitor counter. If you see any value above zero for any sustained time at all, that is a very strong indicator of internal memory pressure.

These queries will all work on SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Most of the queries will also work on SQL Server 2005, but there is a separate set of queries that I have for SQL Server 2005, which I am not updating very often, since SQL Server 2005 went out of Mainstream Support back in April of 2011.

One surprise I have in store quite soon is that I will have two new versions of this script that are split into instance level queries, and database level queries, with even more detail about each area. I am adding quite a few new queries for each new script, so they should be even more useful (at least I hope so)!

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