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Bad DBA or Bad Developer?

I was browsing a public web site from a large company today, when I saw the error page shown below.  It looks like they are using ColdFusion to talk to SQL Server using JDBC, and they are missing a stored procedure called getBladeList.  This made me curious as to what might have happened.  I don’t know about Cold Fusion, but with ASP.NET, you can configure the web server to not expose such detailed error information to the end user, which is a good idea.

It also looks like the web site is hosted by a third party, rather than the actual large company.



Judging by the name of the SP and the purpose of the web site, this seems like a pretty important SP that was not just recently added by some rogue developer. Maybe the SP was accidentally dropped or renamed?  Maybe the code was changed to call a different stored procedure?


Posted by Don Halloran on 10 January 2011

Maybe they just started using schemas and forgot to add the schema name to the procedure call. That's what's happening at my shop as I attempt to force all new projects to use them.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 13 January 2011

I don't think this is an or type of question.  Several people failed here - dev, dba, and QA.

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