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Why is SQLSaturday Such a Big Secret?

One of the small mysteries of the universe that I have been pondering lately is the fact that so many SQL Server professionals have never heard of SQLSaturday. When I was at SQLConnections in Las Vegas last week, I heard a couple of other speakers ask their audiences whether they had ever heard of SQLSaturday, and in both cases, less than 10% of the audience said that they had. During my Birds of a Feather duty at the database mirroring table today at PASS, I made a point of asking people if they had heard of SQLSaturday, and none of my attendees (about 20 people) had heard of it. Now I realize, this is just anecdotal evidence, but it seems to hint at a possible opportunity to expand the market for SQLSaturday if we can just do a better job of getting the word out.

Now I am not a marketing guru, so I don’t know they best way to attack this problem. I do know that I will make a point of mentioning SQLSaturday whenever I get a chance to speak in public. It just seems like such a shame that more people are not aware of SQLSaturday…


Posted by ThomasLL on 10 November 2010

My opinion is some SQL professionals, as well as developers and admins, do not want to go to an event on a Saturday, their day off of work. Their preference, and blessing, is the company they work for pays for them to go to a conference and gives them the days off.



Posted by Jason Brimhall on 10 November 2010

I think a lot of the reason why people don't know about SQLSat is related to involvement in the community.

Posted by Steve Jones on 10 November 2010

I think that you are falling victim to the Twitter mentality and seeing the trees. The community is much, much larger than Twitter, PASS, and even SQLServerCentral. It is many, many other professionals that don't know/use these channels.

Marking is an issue, and there needs to be more of an effort, but also more events that are on both weekdays and Saturdays. I think there is a good split of people that won't go to a Saturday, and people that can't go other days. We need more alternatives, and less of a "big event" once a year in various areas.

Posted by Robert Pearl on 10 November 2010

Well, nonetheless, as a group of SQLServer professionals, certainly a larger majority should at least "know" what a SQLSaturday event is.  Too much marketing is not a bad thing.  I personally take pride in helping publicize the upcoming SQLSaturday event in NYC, so all of us as speakers at the events should promote them more at other venues.

Posted by Glenn Berry on 10 November 2010

I am simply judging by what I hear from actual people that I ask about whether they have heard of SQLSaturday. My sample size is still pretty small, so I cannot draw any grand conclusions so far.

I guess I was surprised that so many Connections and PASS Summit attendees are not aware of "the community".

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